Flying Field

Here are the Co-ordinates for use with GPS N 44*, 25' , 57.00" W 79*, 58' , 24.35"

Safety Note To Visitors and Members



When driving down the sideroad and approaching the field, stop at the sign before crossing the runway end.

If someone is flying, wait at the sign to be waved across

Pilots may not see you coming in.

They could be coming in for a landing

Directions: From Barrie
Follow Highway 26 westbound for approximately 20 Km. passing through the village of Edenvale, until you see the Edenvale Flying Club Inc. on your left. (not to be confused with the Edenvale RC Club). Take the next turning on the left beyond the Flying Club,which is Sideroad 12/13 (Just before the big dark blue Silo). Continue down road about 1 km and you will see field on your left.

Directions: From Collingwood/Stayner
Follow Highway 26 eastbound through Stayner. Approximately 1.5 Km beyond the traffic lights at Sunnidale Corners, turn right onto Sideroad 12/13.(Just passed the big dark blue Silo).Continue down road about 1 km and you will see field on your left.

Aerial view of route to new field down sideroad 12/13, off HWY 26.

Flying Field: Satellite Image

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