Photos from 2010

Fun Fly Photos from 2010

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The Eight Stages of building an Electric ARF plane ... from an established glow engine flyer!

The Baby arrives ... in a big box!. All the parts unpacked , in great condition . Inside the fuse, the speed controller lies under the battery For electrics you need a good battery charger & a good battery!
Two nights work & she is ready to fly. Has a 50 inch wing  span. It is 3D compatible with miniture metal geared servos,& large contro; sUrfaces! Away she goes! Always ready to return!

A days flying at Edenvale.

Getting ready for the days flying . Bill setting up & Dennis & Gloria discussing todays flights. (Spot the heli!) Martyn's heli flying through the frame Bill adjusting the gears
A bunch of Nexstar trainers . It looks OK art!! Piper Tri-Pacer...Nice take off by Art Mike has not forgotten how to fly
A good showing of planes. Denis making final adjustments Steve & Art making final tune up, to Steves Stinger Gloria with new student

Scenes from our 2010 Fun Fly.

. .
 . Final checks Away we go
Another good take off We have smoke
more smoke . Don't try this at home! or this or this
 . A trailer full of fun!
 . Happy group of volunteers after a successfull FUn Fly.

The Fun has started!

Some young spectators enjoying the fun. .
May be this time Bill!. Maybe not!!. Ron making good take off Lying down on the job!.

Spring clean up at new field

Putting up the fence...get it right boys!. Tents are up, despite the high winds. Refreshments for the workers! Our treasurer doing her part...never gives up!.

Some photo's of Winter activities

Mikes P-40, just about ready Good covering job. Looks about ready to fly Edenvles static display Canada Day 2009,at Creemore.
Martyn's 1/3 Extra 300 nearing completion. Has 2 tanks, 4 batteries.8 servos & room for much more. Mike's Profile P-40, to be powered by a ST-40 Underside of Mike's Profile. Good clean workspace.
Wayne nursing half a wing!. Some old Timers Tiger Moth ready for take off A good shot of Wayne's Neuport, or is it real thing!.

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