Photos from 2009

Fun Fly Photos from 2009

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Making the most of a bad October

Gloria getting ready for final flight of season. Martyn  not sure what he is getting ready for!!. Martyn decided to have last few flights on his Heli

The new field in action.

Roller in action..note the big difference. View of new parking area. Look closely you can see the grass growing! Martyn's 1/5 scale P47 Thunderbolt having a look at new field.
Relaxing under cover. Mike with his BME 1/4 scale Edge540.Up front he has a DA50motor. Away she goes. Coming in to land..see silo towers in distance.

Some action photos!

This is Mikes 1/3 scale Cub Another view. Mike getting Cub ready for first flight. Away she goes...Mike is happy!.
Ron with his scratch buitl Focke Wolf Stosser Ron has done a great job. It flies, a big relief. Looking good on landing approach.

How Green is my Valley!

Away we go.! Every little helps. Goodbye to bean field!. In formation!.
Out standing in his field! The old willow tree!. All but finnished. Looking good...a good days work by all!.

Making progress on the new field!

New road with approx. position of new Field.! Clearing the many rocks. Discussing the plans...again!.  Starting to level the area of the runway.
Making slow progress! Levelling area of runway. Fillings the holes with with some of the rocks. Surveying a job well done!.

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