Photos from 2008

Fun Fly Photos from 2008

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How Edenvale Flyers celebrate Thanksgiving!!

Martyn enjoying his turky dinner! Pat making a cuppa!! Martyn not accepting any responsabilty.  1/3 scale Extra 300s,it is from a Lanier Kit, has 102 inch foam wings & weighs 25lbs.
The Extra is powered by a 3w80 boxer twin engine on CH twin ignition. Martyn says Smoke system will be ready for next spring. Cory's Electric Delta wing The Delta wing is Cory's own design, cut from a sheet of styrofoam! Not many planes costing around $100 will fly at 100mph!
Graph from Eagletree system showing altitude & speed of plane.

Martyn shares his experience with us, in building a P 47 Thunderbolt.

The plane was scratch built from Vailly Aviation plans.Vailly glass cowl & canopy. Dynamic Balsa cockpit kit. Decals by Kirby's Custom Vinyl.Wingspan is 92" and weighs 34.5lbs. Brison 70cc engine with Bisson muffler.Sierra Giant Scale mains retracts + Robarts retract tailwheel. Fiberglass over balsa sheet skin with latex house paint finish (Vailly method). JR X9303/ 2.4 GHz radio with 10 servos (mostly Hitec digital). 2 Rec. batteries + 1 ignition battery(6-volt system). My homemade spinner is mostly solid alum, so no other weight needed for balance.

Getting started Wing taking shape Starting to get big Joining bottom of fuse to wing
Mostly covered Getting ready to paint Finally after 18 months she flies Happy ending & time to start thinking about another project!

Four Club Fun Fly held at Edenvale (Very Windy)

Nice job by Bob Hudson Final checks before take off Nice landing by Bob Hudson Martin with helicopter
Cory getting ready to fly Nice flying by Cory in the wind ...wind took over on landing Lunch break
Larry flying his Taylor Craft Good landing by Larry Ron flying his Yak...out of the woods!! More lunch break

The JETS are back at EDENVALE

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