Photos from 2007

Fun Fly Photos from 2007

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Congratulations Martyn on your First Helicopter Loop!

Up she goes Nice and steady over the top Down she comes Back home, now you can relax Martyn!

Having Fun in September 2007

Justin starting his Prop pusher with help from Larry Justin with his scratch built prop pusher. Nice approach with Larry in control Pilot jumped out in hurry!
Larry with his powered glider,an old plane. Jim, one of our new members starting up. Steady as she goes ,by Martin. Martin doing very well, his first season.

Jets over Edenvale 2007

The Planes are eyeing you!

Martyn & Wayne, have you got it, no give it to me!!. Bill, outstanding in his field  Justin & Larry, very serious. Ward & Martyn preparing for maiden flight.
 Good to see Harley back flying. Cory concentrating very hard  Our President Mike taking it easy. Ron being very serious.
Larry setting up his 1/4 scale Miles Hawk Major M-2X.It has a wing span of 99inchs, weighs 21 lbs.It has full cockpit detail. Ready for take off,being powered by a Roto 35cc engine.  A nice flyby, Larry. Coming in for a landing...looks easy dosn't it!!Note the scale main gears & tail wheel.
Martyn with his 1/3 scale Fleet.It weighs 33lbs, 9'3'WS & is powered by a Zenoah G62. Away she goes, been waiting all winter for this!  Nice manoeuvre Martyn. RC Pete about to take off with his Yak 54.

Some Photos From Winter 2007

Boys almost asleep! Boys are asleep! Martyn's p47 coming along nicely. Great looking workshop. Keith's Corsair, long way to go, but hard part is done.

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