Fun Flying Photos From 2004

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Some Winter Activities 2004/2005

Martyn's D&B Spifire, coming along nicely. Has a wing span of 81 inches& will have a Brison 3.2 engine. First coat of paint for Spitfire...will be ready to fly soon!. Martyn's Midwest CAP 232, very nice model...the plane that is!! Has an 80inch wing span & an ST 3000 up front. Club meeting continues...most people still awake!
Work party celebrating completion of new runway! Ward's leftovers...a Stingray wing, a Kadet Sr. tail hung together on a downspout. Flies well on G23 gasser! 
Keith's scatch built MewGull 
Gathering clouds...hope it gets home in time!
Larry's Miles Hawk. Miles Hawk showing Cockpit details Miles Hawk takes to the sky. A nice model of the Noresman by Wayne Gilbank

Fun with a CAP 232

Bill Holsten's CAP 232. It is 40% scale with a 117 inch wing span. Getting ready for take off. It is powered by a DA 150 engine. Plane weighs 38 3/4 lbs. Off to have some fun.
Hanging on the Prop. Bill makes it look easy If you can not afford the CAP 232 (cost well over $5,000 ) this Yard Stick model is for you! Sells for less than $20!!

A day at Edenvale 2004

New pilot Jonas making good landing. A nice fly by Preparing F15 for Maiden flight. F15 just landed after successful Maiden flight.Note air brake extended.
Away she goes. Rob & crew getting ready for Maiden flight of Sukhoi (Hanger 9 Model) Sukhoi, with much relief flying very nicely Sukhoi safely home after Maiden flight.

Edenvale Fun Fly 2004

View of field & pilots. You guessed it..Great planes 330L! Mike's model of a German RFB Fan Trainer 600. It is actually a shrouded 3 blade pusher prop. Keith & Martyn bringing home Tiger Moth..
Gathering storm What are they looking for? Petes jet of course! Petes jet coming in for a landing.

Edenvale flyers Hall of Fame 2004


Ron's 1/4 Scale Fairchild F24. Scratch built, has a RCM22cc gas engine with a 109inch W.S. The Fairchild has a full scale cockpit. We are ready to go any day soon!. Art's Scatch built 1/3 scale Cessna 172. It has an Echo 61 Twin engine, with a 10ft W.S.  A great flyer.. Martyn's Mustang riding high in the clouds.
Preflight check by Bill on his 4Star 60 Keith with Tiger Moth, an old Pilot kit Spy in the Sky...A Canon Digital ZR40 mounted inside Martyn's Decathalon. Extra weight only 1 1/2 lbs, still good flyer.. A very clean Skybolt built by Ron, powered by an OS 4-90 engine.
Doug doing preflight checks on his Rebel Away the Rebel goes Martin with his 81 inch Chipmunk. Scratch-built from Ohio kit, powered by Saito 180 4-stroke. A good old Stinger, still going strong.
Larry's Super-Star is a modified Laser.The model is 33% ,100 inch WS, motor is a 70cc Spher twin 
Group of Edenvale flyers Gary getting his Chipmunk ready. 
Away she goes...great flyer

Nathen, our youngest flyer 
Ever seen a blue Spitfire before!. Keith's Spitfire in true colors! A nice looking Mustang, 65 inch span,Robart retracts with Saito 100 4-stroke.

The 2004 Parade of Cubs

Bob's scratch buit PA-18 Super Cub.1/3 Scale, 12ft wing span,powered by a 3W70cc Twin. Bob's Pa-18 ready for take off. Wayne's J-3 Cub.Built from Sig kit,9 ft W.S. Dressed up as US Navy, Air Squadron 32. , & powered by OS 70 4-stroke. Mike's 1/5 Scale J-2 Cub, 80inch WS. Based on one aircraft remaining in Toronto.

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