Edenvale Flyers Site Maintenance / Development notes

Site does not use “Post” content.   All site content is in Pages.   Going forward, all pages are to be edited/ developed using elementor, not the default WordPress editor.  At time of writing, only the front page is from Elementor;  intent is to convert the rest to Elementor when time is available.

Styling Links
Links on the site (in menus, tabs, content) are red (color: red  #FF0000) and underlined (text-decoration: underline), and turn green (#00FF00) when hovered over.  The CSS controlling this isn’t easy to find.  Best place to look is in the Elementor editor for a given page (or tab), as in:

HOME PAGE / Elementor Edit Page.  Got to Tabs, then pick the first tab, then the EDIT TAB (either in the left sidebar or the top right corner of the box containing the as-displayed tab.  The top of the left sidebar will have three tabs:  Content, Style, and Advanced.  Click Advanced, and go down to “Custom CSS”.


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