Nestled between Collingwood & Barrie:
"Playground of Ontario!"



Last Update:May 18 2015


  • Note the new safety proceedures when approaching the new runway.(See RC Field).

  • Members and guests have commented on the quality of our new facility, especially the 500 x 100 feet runway and excess room in the pits and parking areas. The roadway, which was rough when first "improved" by the Township, has been rolled and is now quite driveable.

  • The For Sale section has been re-activated, so go into your workshop and let me know what you have to sell.

  • Pictures are continually being updated. Look hard you may be on Candid Camera! Dont forget to check out our

    Youtube Channel and Facebook Page

  • Visit Photo section for latest Edenvale Activities .

  • Check out the LINKS section...interesting new sites, loaded with information about our hobby.

    Welcome to the 2015 season , looking forward to an exciting year.

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